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Last day with picnic and stable- finland exchange day 7; friday, 18th May 2018

Hey guys!

Today I woke up at 7 o'clock because we had to be at school at 8:15. There we got some lesson called home economics where we just made some different pizzas and salads. We had pizza with mince, ham and tuna fish and one strawberry salad and one normal salad. I prepared the dough of the minced pizza with Finja. When everything was prepared and packed a bus took us to Katariina park. But then it rained and we students looked for something where we could stay and ound a little pavilion. When some time was over we went back to have something to eat. It was also quite cold so we all stand around an open fire while eating pizza and salad. We also grilled some sausages from yesterday and it was good but it still rained and felt cold.
As the bus wouldn't come in less than 1 hour we went to a museum; about 45 minutes through the rain and as good as possible close to each other to keep warm. When we arrived we were wet and just had about half an hour. I think most just spent it on looking at the museum's shop or sitting in the warm building. Then the bus picked us again for driving back to school.
We arrived at school at around 14 o'clock and there Jenni's band practised again what sounded pretty good. Afterwards we went home and for lunch we had chicken and rice. The rice with the sauce reminded me to some warm food glasses for little children and it was really good d:.
After relaxing a bit we drove to the stable and today I rode again too and also Jenni on her pony. But this time it was a big horse and not just a pony... It was much more difficult for me because it had a hard swinging movement and it was difficult to stop her especially from gallop. Anyway it was a new experience for me.
At home we had some last great dinner together and I was sad when I remembered that I will leave tomorrow. But the time passed and I had to go to bed because we will have to get up early tomorrow.

( Justine Billert)

hiking and beach- finland exchange day 6; thursday, 17th May 2018

Hey guys!

Today I woke up at 7 o'clock because we had to be at school at 8 o'clock. From there a bus took us to a national park which was about 1 hour away. When we arrived we had the last chance for going to the toilet which was an earth closet.
Then we started our hike and it was quite different than I thought. We went much more up and down (almost the whole time) and there were many roots so you had to be careful where you stepped. In addition to that there were some obstacles or rather special things:

Pictures & caption

So the 5km hike was more "interesting" and more fun. At the end we had to cross the suspension bridge again... but then we had some bread and sausages made over an open fire. It was so delicious although my sausage was a bit cold on one side d:
After eating we had something like a little plant lesson and then we went over the suspension bridge back to the bus and drove to school. Back home we had some ham and potato slices what was very tasty.
Then we chilled until we drove to Äijäkkä beach. There many others joined us and also Finja came. We both had our swimsuits with us so we could go into the water to swim. The temperature was okay at least not very cold. Later on we had some open fire with marshmallows and heard music. It was really cool and fun because there were no teachers who told us what we may do and what not. I think it was one of the best moments in this exchange. At 21 o'clock we were picked up and at home we had a little evening snack. Then we had a sauna and it was I think my third or fourth time using a sauna. But it was of course not like I had last times. It was much hotter (more than 85 degrees) so I went in there and stayed for just 3 or 4 minutes.Then I had a shower and went to bed.

Keep cool,
( Justine Billert)

Helsinki and back home- finland exchange day 8; saturday, 19th May 2018

Hey guys!

Today it was time the depature :( The time passed really quickly and I would have liked to stay longer. But now I'll tell you about the day. The day started really early because I got up at 6 o'clock to pack my last things. When I had packed everything I had my last breakfast with my host family. It was really nice there because they were soo friendly.
At 7:00 we drove to the bus station where we arrived one week ago. At 7:30 the bus left to Helsinki City. There we made a little rallye (in groups of 3) after we brought our luggage to some lockers at the main station in Helsinki. When we had done everything of the rallye we had freetime which my group (Finja, Lisann and me) spent at some shopping malls and the market. I think Helsinki is a really nice city and the shopping malls were quite big. Here are some the impressions of the city:

At 15 o'clock we met at the train station got our luggage and drove with a train to the airport. There we checked in and went through the safety check what went quickly.
After waiting a while we could enter the airplane. On the flight I wrote some texts for my blog but the flight passed really quickly. When we had landed we got our luggage and then our teachers told us that we won't go home by train but by taxi bus. It took a bit less than 1 1/2 hours and we arrived at Lübeck central station. I was glad to be back again and to see my parents and later my cats again. But I also think it would have been nice to stay a little longer...

It was a really nice week and Jenni and her parents were very friendly!
I hope you enjoyed reading my blog entries of that week!

Keep cool and see you,
( Justine Billert)