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Thursday 17.5

day in Repovesi. Our buss leaved school to Repovesi about 8 o'clock and we was there at 9 o'clock and there we just... Went there a hole Day! It was gaind of fun... But i was realy tired... there was good food and it was great adventure! I like it! After that adventure we was soooo tired... when we went to home.. we just chilled and afternoon we went to hetas place and we have fun there!
( Elli's blog)

Wednesday 16.5

We desingned go to Kotka main kitchen to visit... but when we were leaving my bike broke. and i had to go back to school. I went others in school. It was boring... And couple hours ago they came back and we write blogs... Afternoon we went to lauras place and we played many games. It was wery fun.
( Elli's blog)


Saturday was the last day and i had to go to church. Aava took Rafal to our house and him, Julia and Stefan watched a horror movie while i was gone. I saw the beginning but then i had to leave. After i came back we ate and went to a park to take pictures with my mother. Then we took the students to the bus station and said goodbyes. It was a little bit sad when they left.
( Heta's blog)

Tuesday 15.5

Ania went to school at 7 am and I went at 8 o´clock because Ania and others (polish and germanys pople) went to Hippala farmi. We finnish poeple went to shcool and we did some test. They come back at 11:30 to eat and about 12:00 o´clock we write our blog´s about 3 hours!!! And leaved school at 2:45 pm. After school we went home and later we went to middle of the city with others.
( Elli's blog)


On Friday we cooked some pizza for the piknik. After that we went to Katariina park by bus. We ate the pizza there but the weather was awful. After that we walked in the rain to vellamo. After school we went to home and then to the shopping centre with Henrika. We bought some stuff there and ate pizza and kebab. Then we took a bus to tavastila were Taneli lives. We spent the evening at Taneli’s with everyone else.
( Heta's blog)