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On 19th - 26th of March I participated in student exchange with Germany and Finland. I met really great people, I had the chance to learn English in practice and improve my lifestyle. On my blog I will describe the whole student exchange.

First day - 19th of March 2017 - Sunday

That was the great day: guests from Germany and Finland arrived to Gdansk. There were six Germans and seven Finns. We took our visitors to our homes where we could get to know each other better. After dinner and some attracctions we lay down to sleep in anticipation of tomorrow's day.

Second day - 20th of March 2017 - Monday

On this day we show our guests our school the first time - we started with a short introduction in the school gym, next we went to a food workshop - t
he first group played educational games and the second group made the "Landbooks" about selected fruit or vegetables. Our works took part in the Friday competition.
A few hours later we went to the restauration with bowling and played two hours. The visitors had great resoults (congratulations! :)) At the and of meeting we ate pizzas. I think it was very nice meal.
But that's not over! After that I took two Finns - Emma and Viivi - for a walk in Gdansk Main. We started off Gradowa Góra with view for a large part of the city.
Then I proposed a walk in the Old Town, up to the Motlawa River - I showed the Neptune Statue, the Crane, the Artus Palace and of course ships waiting in the harbor. Fortunately, the weather was good and we could go to the Sopot. So our "next station" was Monte Cassino Street and molo - famous pier in this city.
At the and we went to the cafe "Mount Blanc" and drank some hot chockolatte. It was delicious! We arrived to home at 8 o'clock.

Third day - 21th of March 2017 - Tuesday

In the morning we went to Gdansk Main. We played the game - we were looking for monuments and interesting places. The last job was to find a restaurant with cheap, healthy food. In this restaurant called Scout House, we ate dinner.
In the afternoon we went back to school to start working with a blog and a healthy snack for film night. We had to make a recipe, a shopping list and a estimate for our dish. I met very friendly german - Lisann from my group, and her friends. Workshops finished at 4 o'clock.
Vivii, Emma and I went to Gdynia. First we saw Kosciuszki Square and harbor. My guests enjoyed the big ships waiting at the warf and music theater. Next we did shopping in Riviera, the biggest gallery in Tricity. They bought nice clothes and some souvenires for their finnish class.

Students are blogging about food

Tuesday 9th of May

That day we visited the Brüggen factory which s famous for producing cereals and musli bars. We started our sightseeing by short presentation about history of Brüggen. Our guide tour took about one hour, then we got gifts. Everyone got a package of products which includes products made by that factory. After that with german and polish students, we went on small shopping. We had really nice time together. I am so happy that we are so integrated as a group and we spent time so great.
( Patrycja Z's blog)

Challange week

Day 1 & 2
In that week I stretching out myself. I really want to do a split, I know that one week isn't long enough time to do it but I hope that after challange week I will continue stretching. Yesterday I spent about 20 minutes for exercises, today it was 30 minutes.

Day 3
Today a started with a warming up. Then stretched out myself for about 30 minutes.

Day 4 & 5
I am still keep doing. I think I am more flexible then I was before. I am streaching about half hour every day. I'm very happy about that and I hope I won't give up :)))

Day 6 & 7
I did it. My challenge week is end. I can't do a split but I have motivation to not give up. I was doing excercise every day and I am not going to stop. I hope you're also successfully end your challenge week ;))))
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25.03.2017 and 26.03.2017

Today ( 25.03.2017 ) we got up late and went with my family to the Gdynia. We showed Lisa the most intersting place in this city and drank delicious tea. At evening we comed back to home.
Today (26.03.2017) we took Lisa to the airport and goodbay her. This week was very fun but also tiring.
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