Make one sentence with the past simple and the past continuous

1. WHILE/AS I was teaching English, the bell rang and students ran out of the classroom.
2, I was teaching English WHEN the bell rang and students ran out of the classroom.
3. This time last Tuesday I was teaching you;-)
4. I danced and then I went for a walk.
1. While I was studying English, the battery of my laptop ran out.
1. While I was removing snow, it was snowing.
2. I was doing homework when my puppy peed on the floor.  
Eila:While I was talking on the telephone, my cellphone stopped working.
1.When I was talking with my friend my cellphone started to ring.
1.While I was flying to Germany, you were studying.
2. When I was driving to Jyväskylä, there was a  traffic road accident/
1. While I was washing the dishes, the phone rang.
2. When I was 
Where did you study?
Where did you work earlier?
Untli now: I have worked/have been working for 30 years now.
I'm experienced IN on that.
after IN one week (time)/ IN two weeks' time
I work as a secretary in a company...
I work FOR K-market.
What kind of sofware  HAVE you have used?
What kind of activities DO you do?
Why are you applying FOR this position?
in AT California University
I'd (I would) like to change it to FOR another company.
I'm not very good on AT (BrE) IN (AmE) that.
other people persons

Job interview - tasks (continuation)


Personnel manager:

You are looking for someone to work in the Finance Department.


Studied accountancy/Yale University

Work in accounting/deal with the company’s accounts/ 7 years

Free time – reading books/skiing

Why? – a lot of experience/like doing calculations


Personnel manager:

You are looking for someone to work in the Design Department.


Studied art and design/Oxford University

Work in Design Department/design new logos and products

Free time – watching films/clubbing

Why? – very creative and productive/this is a successful company introducing new products every year


Personnel manager:

You are looking for someone to work in the Human Resources Department.


Studied management/California University

Work in human resources/hire and train new people/3 years

Free time – sightseeing and yoga

Why? – really like meeting new people

Phone calls at work

Pair 1
A: You are having an appointment tomorrow with your dentist, Dr White, at 8 am. Call his office and try to reschedule your appointment for the next week. You are free next week on Thursday and Friday in the early morning.

You are a receptionist at a dentist’s office. Dr White, the dentist, is busy all this week. Next week she is free on Wednesday afternoon (3-5pm) and next Friday morning (8-10am). You will soon receive a phone call.
Note: your office charges $40 for cancelling appointments without 24 hours notice.

Pair 2
A: You need a teacher to teach business English in your company. You have decided to phone a man named “Ken”, whose name you found in an ad in a local newspaper.
Call Ken. Ask about: his experience, pricing, availability, teaching style, etc. Try to decide if you want to hire him.

B: Your name is Ken. You have decided to become an English teacher. You have no experience but English is your native language.
You need students. Your phone will ring soon.

Pair 3
A: You want to take your wife/husband on a trip this weekend. First, decide where you want to go. Then, phone your travel agent to reserve a plane ticket and hotel. Also: ask for recommendations of things to do there.

B: You are a travel agent. Try to sell Student A one of the following travel packages:
Option 1: roundtrip, first class, $950. Hotel: Hyatt, $250/night, *****
Option 2: roundtrip, economy class, $310. Hotel: Bob’s Inn, $99/night, ***

Pair 4
A: You are a web-designer. You need new clients. Marciano’s, an Italian restaurant, has a horrible website. Call the restaurant, ask for the manager/owner, and introduce yourself. Explain why the company needs a good website. Set-up a meeting where you can present a sample of a new design.

B: You are a manager of an Italian restaurant, Marciano’s. Your restaurant is not doing too well. You need more customers. Your restaurant is nearly bankrupt. 



1.Thanks FOR  all you've done for me. I appreciate it…
2. You should spend your money ON travelling.
3. Is this car FOR sale?
4. Lapland is very popular AMONG skiers who do not mind queuing to ski lifts.
5. ON my way home I stopped on a petrol station.
6. What are you looking FOR? 
7. I prefer staying AT home TO a rainy day and read books.  prefer +verb-ing/noun TO +verb-ing/noun 
8. -Will you ski  tomorrow? –It depends ON the weather conditions.
9. Who is that boy smiling AT  you?
10. What is Helsinki famous FOR?
11. Angry Birds is the best game ON the European market. 
12. This project is very much similar TO Eva’s. Don’t you think so?
13. Will we find answers TO these questions?
14. I usually get up early IN the morning and go to bed late AT night (IN the night). 
15. He was born AT 8:15 IN the morning ON June, 18th, 1928  (ON + a day)

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