English @ work

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English at Work B1- B2 

The course revises English grammar structures, develops writing skills and envisages short listening tasks. Course topics: prepositions, present, past and future tenses, conditional sentences, passive voice and reported speech. Each week has its own theme related to professional life and the teaching materials include the teacher's descriptions in English, online assignments and exercises with student’s own sentences to be returned to the teacher, from which the student receives feedback. 

After completing the course, the participant has the ability to communicate mostly in writing in the situations related to their field and working life using proper grammar structures. He / she is able to acquire and convey information in English. He can describe, explain and define the phenomena of his / her own area with varying structures and a vibrant English language. In addition, the student is able to express and substantiate his / her opinions and views on issues in his or her field. The student has the skills to develop his / her language skills independently.

It is always possible to ask the teacher about tasks and grammar. The course is designed for online studies, for which the participant needs Internet connection, browser and basic skills of the computer. Your username and password will be sent by email before the start date of the course.


Watch my video greeting here: https://youtu.be/WsKesjeE3GM

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