Job interviews

The aims of the class: to revise the past simple and the past continuous, to know how to use different phrasal verbs at work, to practise job interview dialogues.

Phrasal verbs for work

fill out - complete
Can you fill this form out (fill out this form) for me? 
run out (of something) - use all and have no more of something
The dilution of the calibration solution has run out.
note down - write
We must note down the minutes of the meeting.
It's very important. We must note it down.
back up - make an extra copy
I always bake up files of data.
come up - happen or arise
I need to cancel the lesson. Something has come up.
A cold weather came up yesterday.
keep up with - follow or keep pace
We need to keep up with the timetable.
I need to keep up with the latest trends on the market because my company needs to be competitive.
I need to keep up with the values to see the endpoint.
set up - organize, start
I set up my company in September.
It's time to set up a new marketing plan.
We are going to set up a new project on this subject.
go through-experience
Our company has been going through some financial problems for a long time.
We are going through the next period of testing our new devise.
In Finland we are going through the darkest season of the year.
find out - discover or obtain/get information
I need to find out who is our biggest competitor.
I have to find out where the sun is now.(somebody told me)
I must find out which company is the best on the market. (I really want)
call off - cancel
I must call off our class on 13.03.18 due to my flight.

Write your own the present perfect and the present perfect continuous examples (preferably related to your work)

Present perfect
have/has + verb (III)
Present perfect continuous
    1. YES! I have now option to write here.
    2. I have been writing this English sentence without now-idea what to write. 
    1.  I have done all the measurements of the samples.
    2. I have been using this software for data analysis for five years.
    1. I have been verý busy at work lately.
    2. I have been freezing today because it's sUCH cold weather (SO+adjective; SUCH+ (adjective)+a noun)
    1. I have worked hard lately.
    2. I have been doing mostly paper work all day. (so long)
Seppo: I have worked with a challenging customer..
1. I have had 7 classes today. (HOW MANY-present perfect)
2. I have been teaching English for 17 years now. (HOW LONG-present perfect continuous)

Job interview-dialogue

Job interview

Personnel manager: Hi Mark, thanks for coming today. I’m Linda Smith. Nice to meet you.

Candidate: Hello, I’m Mark Turner. Nice to meet you, too.

Personnel manager: Have you read the information about this job?

Candidate: Yes, it sounds very interesting.

Personnel manager: What did you study?

Candidate: I studied marketing at Sorbonne University.

Personnel manager: Great. Can you tell me about your present job?

Candidate: Well, I work in sales and I’ve managed teams and projects. I also have a lot of contact with customers.

Personnel manager: How long have you been in sales?

Candidate: I’ve worked in sales for four years.

Personnel manager: What do you do in your free time, Mark?

Candidate: I play golf and go swimming.

Personnel manager: And finally, why do you want this job?

Candidate: I really want to work in marketing. This is a great opportunity for my career and I think I have the right skills for the job.

Personnel manager: Thank you Mark. It’s been good talking to you. Thanks for coming to the interview.


Job interview-dialogue

Job interview - tasks


Personnel manager:

You are looking for someone to work in the Buying Department.


Studied marketing/Cambridge University

Work in the Sales Department/manage a team of sales reps/5 years

Free time – baseball/fishing

Why? – a lot of experience/great results/like working with people


Personnel manager:

You are looking for someone to work in the IT Department.


Studied computer programming/Harvard University

Work in information technology/manage computer systems/ 2 years

Free time – computer games/paintball

Why? – really like programming and shift work


Job interview - tasks

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