Email correspondence

The aims of the class are:
-to get some tips how to write emails,
-to practise phrases and expressions how to write different types of emails.

Emails practice - examples

Previous contact
1. Thank you for your e-mail of 15 February 2018. 
2. Further to/ With reference to / Regarding your last e-mail,...
3. I am sorry for not having contacted you earlier. 
Reason for writing
1. I am writing in connection with our telephone conversation. 
2. I have been given your contact/ I have received your contact from my colleague, John Brown. 
3. We would like to point out that/ draw your attention to the fact that...
Giving information
1. I am writing to inform you that...
2. We can confirm that...
3. I am happy to inform that...
4. I regret to inform you that...
1. Please find attached my report on the trends in employment. 
2. I attach my report as a pdf file.
3. I enclose the attachment with....
Asking for information
1. Could I ask you for information on...? 
2. I would like to know / find out if ...
3. I would be interested in receiving your latest offer. 
1. I would appreciate it if you could...
2. I wonder / I was wondering if you could ...
3. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter. 
Promising action
1. I will deal with the matter tomorrow at the latest. 
2. I will contact you again soon. 

Emails - basics

Fill in the missing words:
1. Thank you for the e-mail OF 15 March. 
2. Further TO your last e-mail,

3. I apologize FOR not getting in contact with you before now. 
4. I am writing in connection WITH / I am writing with regard TO
5. IN reply to your e-mail,
6. Your contact was given TO me by....
7. We would like to remind you / point OUT (huomauttaa) that
8. I am writing to let you KNOW that / inform you that
9. We  ARE able to confirm that I (be able to do)
10. I am DELIGHTED/ HAPPY to inform / tell you that
11. We regret to (are sorry to) TELL/INFORM/LET YOU KNOW you that 
12. Please FIND  attached my report.
13. I am sending you a monthly report as a pdf FILE (tiedosto).
14. Could you SEND/GIVE me some information about
15. I would like to know / find OUT )ottaa selvää= if 
16. I am interested IN receiving information on 
17. I would BE grateful if you could
18. I wonder IF you could
19. Do you CONFIRM/THINK you could
 20. Thank you IN advance for your help in this matter. 

Emails - levels of formality

Replace the following informal phases with more formal ones:
1.    Thanks for the e-mail.
Thank you fo you e-mail.
2.    Re:...
Further to (your last email)...
3.    Please could you...?
Is it possible you could...?
4.    I'm sorry to tell you that...
I apolologize FOR telling you that..

5.    I'm sorry for
I regret for/to...
6.    Could you...?
I wonder if you could...?
7.    You haven't...
I do not have..
8.    Don't forget that...
Please take INTO account that/ bear in mind that
9.    I need to ...
I am forced to/ It is necessary for me to..

10.  I might ...
It is possible to /that I will..
11.  Shall I...?
Would you like me to...?
12.  But,.../Also,.../So,...
However.../In attition to/Additionally/Furthermore..../Therefore....

13.  If you'd like more details, let me know.
If you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact me.
14.  See you next week 
I look forward to seeing you next week.

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