The aims of the class are:
-to give presentations about your profession
-to brush up on passive voice structures

Giving a presentation

Give a presentation about your profession in which you will include information on:
-what kind of qualifications you need to do your job,
-why you chose your profession,
-what activities your present job position involves (sisältää),
-how the career path in your profession looks like (in general),
-what negative aspects of your work are,
-positive aspects to encourage (kannustaa) young people to choose this profession,
-what kind of personal features (for example: being persistent, extrovert, analytical, etc.) a person should have to be good in your profession, why?
-something not mentioned here but important from your point of view, such as funny or surprising situations from your work;-)

Passive voice-exercises

BE + verb (III)

Present simple:
is/are/am + verb (III)
The book is read.
Present continuous: be+verb-ing
is/are/am being
The book is being read.
Past simple
was/were  + verb (III)
The book was read.
Past continuous: be+verb-ing
was/were being+ verb (III)
The book was being read.
Present perfect: has/have + verb (III)
has/have been+ verb (III)
The book has been read.
Future simple: will+verb (I)
will be+ verb (III)
The book will be read.
modal verbs: can/could/would/might/may + verb (I)
can/could/would/might/may be  verb (III)
The book can/could/would/might/may be read.

They read a book.-active voice present simple
A book is read. 

Rewrite the sentences in active voice.
The child was hit by a car.-A car hit the child.
The club was founded by Ron and Peggy.- Ron and Peggy founded the club.
Tinventedhis book was written by an Irishman. An Irishman wrote this book.
The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
The computer is used by Patrick. Patrick uses the computer.

Make correct passive phrases. Mind the tenses in brackets.
1.    volleyball / to play (Simple Past) volleyball was played
2.    skateboards / to ride (Simple Past) skateboards was ridden
3.    computer games / to buy (Simple Present)  computer games are bought
4.    English / to speak (Simple Present)  English is spoken
5.    stories/ to tell (Simple Present)  stories are told

Active or Passive voice?
1.    They often read e-mails. AV
2.    The bus driver was hurt. PV
3.    French is spoken in Nigeria.PV
4.    Lots of houses were destroyed.PV
5.    Bingo is played in Britain. PV

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct passive voice forms in the sentences
1.Letters …are delivered…………..by the postman at 8 every day.  (deliver)  
2.This bag was found in  the bus yesterday. (find)
3. The dress  couldn't be washed  in  hot water. (cannot wash)
4.……has your……….your motorbike been repaired………yet? (repair)      
5. The  message will be sent tomorrow. (send)  
6. These offices were cleaned .now. (clean)
7. This report ……would not be finished………….in time if you didn't help me. (not finish) II conditional
8. Why is the  TV turned on ? (turn on)
9. This building ..hasn't been reconstructed….since the 1930's. (not reconstruct)
10. Bags …must be left………in the cloakroom. (must leave)
11. The engine was just being tested when  the manager saw it. (test)
12. The last  umbrellas ..were sold ...in the morning. (sell)
13 …You are not allowed…………….to  arrive so late if you worked for me. (not allow)
14. The plan will be announced in  two days. (announce)  
15.All the  halls ..are being  painted...at the moment. (paint)
16. What were we  doing at 11 o'clock? We were being interviewed(interview)

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