Expand your vocabulary

Aims: expand your vocabulary, revise the present perfect and the present perfect continuous

Make your own sentences: 2 in present simple, 2 in present continuous which are related to your profession

Two sentences in PRESENT SIMPLE which are related to my profession:
    1. I drive a long distances inside of Northern Savo Area by my car. (distances is in plural)
    2.I meet interesting farmers in my work.
    1. I use a multivariate software for data analysis and for making calibration models.(software is uncountable)
     2.I read a lot of research articles.
    1.I usually speak a lot very much on the phone every day at work. (very much doesn't collocate with speak, you eg like something very much)
    2.I am sending lots of emails 
    1. I make a lot of calls to my customers
    2. Nowadays I use a lot of e-mail
    1. I usually use my own computer when I am studying (present continuous: something is happening NOW,  temporary action, close arranged future) study (routine) 
    2.I usually come too early to the office.
    1. I solve customers' problems (whose problems - customers'-Saxon genitive. In plural we put an apostrophy after a plural form).
    2.I mainly work alone in the office.
Two sentences in PRESENT CONTINUOUS which are related to my profession:
    1.I am always drinking too much coffee. (great! expresses the fact that you drink too much coffee)
    2.I am studying english at this very moment (English-we use the capital letter with nationalities and countries)
    1. This calibration model is working well for predicting the amount of resin acids of Scots pine samples. (It is a general truth, shoud be: works)
    2. I am writing the final report of this project.
    1i  I am sitting too much at work.
    2.i I am trying to understand something at this very moment.
    1. I am organizing a customer event.
    2. I am travelling to Germany tomorrow.
    1. Eila is using my computer now.
    2. I am traveling to London next month. (traveling - British English, travelling-American English)
    1. I am learning English because I need it at work.
    2.I am using my earlier experience from the assembly of substations at my present work. (the assembly because it is specified later on: OF SUBSTATIONS...)

Being a boss, a writing task

1. Personal qualities which a boss should have:
available, listen to people, always answer workers' questions, solve problems, fair, stick to the rules and damand the same from workers, be on time for work, deals with problems calmly, good sense of humour, should make a team of people which get on well with each other. 
2. Personal qualities which a boss shouldn’t have
uninterested in workers' activities, what's going on in the company, difficult to reach, very impulsive, too direct, use too many comands/orders, be angry, selfish, arrogance, 
3. Qualifications
1. If a boss has well-qualified workers, then he or she doesn't need to be qualified; 2. must be qualified, 
4. Good sides of being a boss
you can create you own timetable, flexibility, salary - always higher than inferiors, can create the policy of the company and thanks to this develop it, a decision-makers, respect, delegating tasks,
Bad sides of being a boss
responsibility, lack of respect, long working hours, making difficult decisions, taking risks
6. The best thing which can happen to a boss at work
Workers are happy and want to come to work (respect), 
7. The worst thing which can happen to a boss at work
problems that can lead to a disaster,
8. Would you like to be a boss?
Yes because:
Because I could delegate tasks
No because:
I've had so many bosses and I've seen it's not nice.
I'm not a skilled person to be boss
I don't want to comman people

Return your homework (if you were absent from the class)

If you couldn’t take part in the next lesson:
-answer the questions related to the articles you’ve read
1. Write what magazines/newspapers you’ve read.
2. Did you understand what you were reading?
3. What was interesting?
4. What have you learned?
Insert here your homework as a pdf-file. Write your name in the pdf file title so that the teacher knows who has given back the assignment.
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