Job interview-dialogue

Job interview

Personnel manager: Hi Mark, thanks for coming today. I’m Linda Smith. Nice to meet you.

Candidate: Hello, I’m Mark Turner. Nice to meet you, too.

Personnel manager: Have you read the information about this job?

Candidate: Yes, it sounds very interesting.

Personnel manager: What did you study?

Candidate: I studied marketing at Sorbonne University.

Personnel manager: Great. Can you tell me about your present job?

Candidate: Well, I work in sales and I’ve managed teams and projects. I also have a lot of contact with customers.

Personnel manager: How long have you been in sales?

Candidate: I’ve worked in sales for four years.

Personnel manager: What do you do in your free time, Mark?

Candidate: I play golf and go swimming.

Personnel manager: And finally, why do you want this job?

Candidate: I really want to work in marketing. This is a great opportunity for my career and I think I have the right skills for the job.

Personnel manager: Thank you Mark. It’s been good talking to you. Thanks for coming to the interview.


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