Busy life of a tourist

June 17th

Since there were no more lessons today I slept a little later than on the previous mornings. When I got up, Eva had already left to see her daughter and grandchildren like she always does at weekends. I took my time in getting ready for my full day of sightseeing.

I walked to Plaza Catalunia and had a quick look into a few clothes stores but fortunately managed to convince myself that I really do have wardrobes full of clothes, no need to buy anything. I left for Parque Guell well in advance just to make sure that this time I would get in. And I did. The problem this time was that I didn't want to get out. I loved the place! I wish it was possible to travel in time and to get to know Gaudi. He must have been quite an interesting person to come up with the kind of ideas that he did. I tried to see all the different buildings, structures and points of interest that there were to see. I took lots and lots of pictures. To avoid too many selfies all the tourists seemed to be happy to help each other and take photos. It felt like being among good friends. If I hadn't promised to have dinner with Eva, I would probably have stayed in the park until the closing time. But as I had, I had to leave.

Being now an active full-time tourist, I took a metro to the column of Columbus, took some pictures, had pictures taken of me touching the paws of a lion (I happen to think the Trafalgar Square magic works everywhere), rushed along the famous street la Rambla, went to see the fruit and meat stands at la Boqueria and then quickly headed for Eva's. I felt very efficient.

Although I don't need any more clothes, I did step into a little boutique close to Eva's and couldn't resist a little summer dress that the lady found for me :). Just one.

Once again Eva had prepared for me a typical local meal with sausage and white beans. After a long and tough day I was really happy to sit down at her table and I enjoyed the meal a lot.

I don't know how well the people in the neighbourhood know that I'll be leaving tomorrow but they did seem to be having a farewell party for me across the street with fireworks and a lot of yelling and laughter.

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