Discursos directos e indirectos

June 14th

Today I want to begin by saying that it is HOT. I can't remember the last time I was this sweaty!! My phone says it's +29 now in the evening so during the afternoon it must have been well over +30. I don't know if it would be possible to get used to this. I've drunk litres of water and juice today and feel thirsty all the time. But, of course, it's lovely to see the sun every single day.

At school we only worked on grammar today, for four hours. In a very hot classroom! It was all about direct and indirect expressions and the changes of the tenses in them and, in addition, a few exceptions to the rules. It was all very complicated and everybody seemed kind of relieved when we finished the classes. We did some exercises at school but we got some homework as well so I still have to start thinking about preterito indefinido, preterito perfecto, preterito pluscuamperfecto, futuro simple, futuro compuesto, presente de subjuntivo, imperfecto de subjuntivo... 🤔🤔🤔

In the afternoon I wanted to see the famous Parque Guell that was designed by Gaudi. In this heat the walk up there from the metro station was quite a task. And all that climbing just to hear that they wouldn't let more people into the park for hours. Fortunately it was possible to walk outside the Gaudi section and see the wonderful view over the city. Near the park I did see the Real Santuario de San Jose de la Montana, the first one to be dedicated to Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary's husband and Jesus' adoptive father.

On the way back to Eva's I did have a quick look at Sagrada Familia from the outside. It is truly amazing. And in this horrible heat there were men going on with the construction work. Outside in the street there were quite a lot of people queueing to get inside so I decided to leave that for later.

At a metro station there was a woman selling second-hand books and just for 3 euros I managed to buy some material for my Spanish lessons back in Finland :).

Back at Eva's today's menu included a salad and a dish with rice, mushrooms and seafood.

Homework, some reading and maybe even some knitting before going to bed.

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