Fiestas and films

June 13th

It was so nice to sleep just a little bit longer today :). After my morning cereals I had a lovely peaceful stroll to the school and this time I wasn't nervous at all - I knew the way and I had done my homework, three pages of it.

Just like yesterday, we started our lessons with Carmen. She seemed to be in a very energetic mood and for quite a while she just went on telling us about traditional fiestas in Spain, both the ones that they still celebrate and the ones that are now forbidden in Spain for the cruelty to the animals. It was interesting and also a very good listening exercise. After her lecture we read a few texts on different kinds of fiestas, talked about them and did a little exercise on prepositions.

Veronica started her lesson by collecting our homework. The Team Scandinavia, Håkan and I, had done the job, the others hadn't !!! And what's more, some of the Eastern Team were missing! Veronica wasn't too happy about the situation. It seems that the rest of the group are here for a longer period, need to take a final exam and will be evaluated in the end so Veronica was telling them how important it is to both speak and write during the course to get good results.

During the lesson we practised a little the use of preterito pluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo 🤔 by doing some pantomine and forming sentences with this interesting verb form. We also talked about movies, not so much Spanish movies but Japanese, Chinese and Kaurismäki movies. It seems that the latest Kaurismäki movie is here in the cinemas right now so I've already been thinking how much fun it would be to go and see a film of his in Spanish, in case it is dubbed. Towards the end of the lesson everybody seemed to be half asleep so we had some Finnish chocolate to cheer us up ☺. We were happy when Veronica told us that there'd only be one little exercise for tomorrow, not any story to write.

After the classes it was time to see the beach and dip oneself in the Mediterranean Sea. Eva had told me that it was impossible to go the beach alone because of the pickpockets. So, the Team Scandinavia it was. Håkan and I bought ourselves 10-trip tickets for the metro and with the help of a lovely local lady found out which metro lines to use and how to get to the beach. It was lovely. A little sun and a little swimming after all the studying. All the time we could hear the announcements warning people about staying too long in the sun. So we didn't stay for long but had a cup of coffee in a bar on the beach, still with the lovely view to the sea.

Like any good student I spent my evening studying and writing my blog. Eva made me a tasty dinner and I think I might have eaten a bit too much. Just a few more messages and time for bed. Buenas noches. käyttää vain välttämättömiä evästeitä istunnon ylläpitämiseen ja anonyymiin tekniseen tilastointiin. ei koskaan käytä evästeitä markkinointiin tai kerää yksilöityjä tilastoja. Lisää tietoa evästeistä