Riitta´s and Liisa´s Job Shadow in Italy in February 2016

Saturday 27th of February, Travelling day

It´s been a long, long day!
Our trip started at 6.20 am from Jyväskylä by train. In the train we got an e-mail from Italy. They asked if we could keep the same lesson to Italian pupils that they had seen in Croatia. Riitta was there because of CONTEST-project couple weeks ago. They also hoped that we could tell pupils about Aurora Borealis. Fortunately we had three hours time at airport in Helsinki to prepare the presentation.

Our flights were ok. We changed the plane in München and arrived to Rome 5.15 pm. From airport we got shuttle bus to the center of Rome. From the city center we came to the hotel by metro. Hotel is good and so were pizzas we ate for dinner.

Good night!

Sunday 28th of February, Rome visit

We were early birds today because we woke up already 7 am. We enjoyed great breakfast at hotel´s restaurant. After that we packed our suitcases and left the room. Downstairs we found Lucilla, who promised to guide us in Rome. Lucilla is a teacher of I.C. Saccioni school. She had her lovely daughters with her. We left our suitcases to daughter´s apartment. Very nice of them!

Then we started our tour around Rome by foot and by metro. We visited for exmple in Colosseum, Pantheon and Vatikan. We were impressed about all these old places that we have red from history books at scool. And now we were there!

Lucilla gave us a lift to Tarquinia where we are suppose to spend this week. We are going to stay here in old town in B&B Ocrasia which is very nice place. There is only three rooms in this B&B.

Monday 29th of February, Tarquinia.

We started the day with an Italian breakfast (coffee/tea and croissant). At nine o´clock we went to school. There we many, many, many teachers, princopal and lots of pupils. School has several buildings around Tarquinia city center. Today we visited infants school, primary school and secondary school. We followed some lessons and had lunch with 3th grade. It was a little bit noisier than we have used to. After lunch we spent some time outside with pupils and talked with teachers, even if they first thought it was too windy to go out.

We had a small break and then we went to cafe and did some writing works. At 16.30-17.30 there was a meeting where were 160 teachers. We were there introduced to them. We didn´t understand much about the meeting, but there was nice colleague who translated parts of it to us. After that meeting there was another meeting with school board for an hour.

Our school day lasted today from 9.00 to 18.30. After that we were practising "Joiku" for tomorrow´s lesson.

Tuesday 1th of March, Tarquinia and Tuscania

We have been the only guests in B&B Ocresia. This morning there was a friendly looking man eating breakfast at the same time with us.

After breakfast we went to the secondary school where we were supposed to keep the lesson to the 4th grade pupils. We told them about winter in Finland and tought them a finnish joiku. They were really anxious pupils.

Then the headmaster Silva and Monia took us to the bakery where we tasted a white pizza with ricotta and cinnamon. After that we went to the cinema. There was an Italian writer, Luigi Dal Cin, who was telling to the children about books he had written. When we met the author at the door of the cinema, we were both very surprised, because he was the man from our breakfast table! The show he kept was amazing.

After that we had a lunch together with 4th class students. The lunch was very cheesy.

In the afternoon Lucilla took us to Tuscania. It was really nice place to visit. The place was full of history. She also showed us some historical parts of Tarquinia. We saw for example Santa Maria di Castello. So nice of her!

Wednesday, 2nd of March, Tarquinia

In the morning we had two 30 min lessons about Finland. First one was at 8.30 and the second one begin 9.10 and it was in the different school and we had to walk there. Both pupils were on the 2nd class in secondary school, so they were 13 years old. They were very interested about Finland and they had many questions. Some of them said they want to come to Finland.

After that we walked to another school which was the 3rd today. There we followed a lesson of 3rd class of primary school.

11.30 we walked back to the school we had the second lesson in the morning. There we saw an amazing show. Music therapist Laura had prepared that with secondary school students from different classes. They were dancing and playing drums. We enjoyed that.

Then we walked to back to school where followed the lesson to have a lunch with. After lunch Patrizia, teacher of that school, took us to the museum of Ethrusco. The museum was the castle where the Bishop lived and worked in the Middle Ages. Actually our B&B is situated in the same complex. We are living where the soldiers used to live. Here is a picture from the museum. Horses are the symbol of Tarquinia.

Because we haven't walked enough today, we went for a walk outside of the old town.

Thursday 3th of March, Tarquinia and Viterbo

In the morning we had a lesson about Aurora Borealis to classes 4 B and 4 C. We also told them about Finland. They were very nice pupils and they had some questions for us.

After lesson Lucilla, Dilva and Monia took us to the kindergarden where children were 3-5 years old. Kids were so lovely and we had a great time with them! Then we went to hotel Valle del Marta which is also a spa. There is a little shop where they sell products of their farm. We bougth there some olives, olive oil and wine. They also gave us two marmelades for a gift. It was nice!

From there we went back to school to have a lunch. Then one class asked if they could sing to us. We went to their classroom and they sang and danced one Italian song and one English song to us. Then we surprised them and sang also a song called Mamma Miau. We taught them the refrain and they sang it with us. We had fun, but we had to go on to the I.C.Saccioni school.

Every afternoon from 2pm there are instrument lessons. We had a possibility to visit lessons of piano, guitar, flute, clarinet and trumpet. Some of them were pracing for Contest Music Competition. It is a big classical music competion for the schools.

In the evening, after instrument lessons, the flute teacher gave us a lift to Viterbo. There we met Tiziana and Stefania who were in Joutsa last September via Smile project. They were our guides in Viterbo. First we went to meet Chiara to the town hall and suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of the city council´s meeting. We weren´t there long time. At the end of the day we had a dinner in a nice pizzeria.

Friday, the 4th of Mach, Monte Romano and Tarquinia

In the morning we left to the Monte Romano where is one of the primary schools of IC Saccioni. There is also a kindergarden to children between 3 and 5 years old. It was nice to see a lots of drawnings made by children on walls. We visited in four classrooms there. In this school we saw more familiar ways to teach and learn, for example desks were in groups and music was used in math.

When we tried to go in to the kindergarden they told us to wait a moment. When they let us in all the children were sitting on the floor with flags of Finland and they had a big sign with text you can see in the picture below. They were singing to us and we sang to them. They were so cute.

In the afternoon we finally saw the sea and beach. Lucilla took us there to have a walk among the seaside. There was an old salt factory which is not used any more. In the old salt pools is possible to see a lot of birds. We also saw many nutrias.

In the evening we had a dinner near the sea in the Tuscia Turrenica camping village. In the dinner there was also the substitute Mayor (who owned that place), some other political officers and people from the school. The sea food dinner was amazing with five different courses.

Saturday, the 5th of March, Tarquinia

In the morning we were supposed to visit the school quickly to get our sertifications, some copies of curriculum and say arrivederci to Lucilla and Dilva. After all we were at the school for four hours. We were discussing about school systems and curriculum.

Then we went to the Necropoli of Ethruscians which is one of the Unesco World Heritages. There were a lots of thumbs.

In the afternoon we did some shoppings. It was really windy weather and it was thundering and raining too.

The last dinner of this trip we had in a restaurant, which was part of the Bishops palace. It was quite an intersting place. In the downstairs there was place where they had burned victims of colera in a medieval time.

Early in the Sunday we started our trip to home.


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