Traditional events

A day in Vuohensaari for first year students

In the beginning of the school year, first year students and the tutor students go to Vuohensaari Camping area. The tutor students arrange different kinds of games and tasks for other students. The day in Vuohensaari is important for the team spirit of Halikon lukio.


The Field Contest

In autumn the students and the teachers walk around Halikko in groups. The groups have to go from checkpoint to another and complete the given tasks as well as possible. The winner group will be rewarded. Also juice and doughnuts are served for everyone during the contest.


The floorball tournament

In the beginning of winter every class forms their own floorball teams and compete against each other. The winners are rewarded.


The Independece Day

The whole school gathers to the soldier's grave to sing and to listen to "the Message of Freedom" to appreciate the independence of Finland. Everyone has clean and tidy clothing. The food in school is slightly different.

The "Porridge Party"

Before christmas the whole school gets together to the auditorium. Most of the classes make a little show or a contest for the other students. After that everyone goes to eat porridge.


The Kickout Day

After finishing their studies the last year students put on some funny costumes and go around the city to throw candy to younger students. The seniors also arrange the "morning radio" in Halikon lukio. They usually make fun of the teachers and other students. The seniors also give the school a whole new decoration: they put trash bags and funny pictures of the younger students on the walls of the school. The second year students will give diplomas to the seniors. After that the seniors will go for a truck ride around the city.


The Prom

The prom is for the second year students right after the Kickout day. The students will take the teachers to drink coffee and eat cake with them. They will also visit the other schools of Salo and Halikko and they make the younger students eat baby food. After that the students will dance traditional dances. The girls are wearing beautiful and colorful dresses and their partners are wearing a tuxedo or a suit.