Halikko: Basic information

Halikko: Basic information

Halikko became a part of Salo in the beginning of 2009. Before that Halikko was an independent municipality. There are approximately 55 000 inhabitants in Salo and 10 000 in Halikko.

Halikko's area is about 380 km2 and Salo's 2168km2. The distance to Turku is about 50 kilometers and to Helsinki about 115 kilometers.

People who come from bigger cities may think that Halikko is a little town in the countryside. Halikko still has quite a lot of services, for example
  • A library
  • A church
  • 4 markets, which are Prisma, K-Market Pirkkatori, Lidl and R-Kioski
  • A museum
  • Restaurants (Kebab, Chinese, Pizza Buffet, Hesburger and cafeterias)
  • A gym
  • A health-care centre
  • A flower shop
  • A driving school
  • A beauty salon
  • A vet's office
Many of these services are just a walking distance away from Halikko Upper High School.

Halikko's centrum has a total of two schools. There is a combined primary school and secondary school (Armfeltin koulu) and upper secondary school (Halikon lukio). There are also a few kindergartens and pre-schools.

There are not any industrial areas in Halikko, so Halikko has a lot of nature. There are many possibilities to spend time in nature, for example on the forest tracks. Halikko has a tennis court and a sport field, which is freezed in the winter.

Information and photos of Halikko: http://www.halikko.com/
The official city webpage: http://www.salo.fi/