We have a great selection of language courses. We offer both of Finland's official languages Finnish (11 courses) and Swedish (10) also English (12), German (9), French (9) and Russian (9).



You can choose between basic and advanced level mathematics. Basic mathematics includes ten courses and advanced maths 18 courses.

Natural sciences

Natural sciences include seven courses in Biology, four in Geography, eleven in Physics and eight in Chemistry. In all of these subjects there is a possibility to take part in practical experiments as well as theory.

Realigions, Psychology and Philosophy

In Halikon lukio you can choose either Lutheran religion or Ethics and there are five courses in both of them.

Philosophy you can study four courses and Psychology seven courses which include a course of practical experiments.

Health education and P.E.


Health education includes four courses. In P.E. you have two compulsory courses - one in the first year and the second in the second year - and on top of these you can choose three optional courses. One of them is dancing course which concludes to ball. In P.E. you can also do a diploma course.



Arts, Drama and Music


In Halikon lukio you can choose six courses and do a diploma for arts. We also offer a course of drama per year.

We also have a great selection of music courses (7) and a diploma course. A choir course is arranged every autumn which concludes with a stunning perfomance.



IT and Student counselling

Our IT education is combined with our student counselling courses. Student counselling includes two courses where you can have guiding for what you want to do after high school.

We also have a course for our school magazine: read the latest issue here!