Session 4 Student Presentations

Session 4 Student Presentations

In this session you will hear student presentations from various countries. The presentations have been prepared in groups and they include both country-specific information and important comparative analyses.These presentations give us an excellent overview of the role and development of education in a global setting in vary different countries and cultures.

We’ll hear analyses form China, Ghana, Finland, South-Africa and The United Kingdom. During the first lesson in session five, we’ll hear analyses of two more countries, Lithuania and Zimbabwe. Pay special attention to the historical perspectives and development presented in the presentations regarding different countries. In the presentations, you will also learn interesting comparison between the development in different countries presented by the students in the Master’s Program. The student’s presentations and the comments by professor Tjeldvoll to them give any listener a good ground to reflect the experiences from his/her own country.

Three questions which the student groups had to answer are:

  1. How are the education authorities of your country reacting to globalization?
  2. What do you think would be the most adequate reform strategy at national level?
  3. Why is it fair to claim that a government can play an independent role despite the pressure from globalization?

Session four consists of three student presentations.

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