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Jynkkä school

Welcome to the Jynkkä school Pedanet page! 

 Jynkkä school is an elementary school in Kuopio, Finland, that emphasizes physical education since 1984. Physical education classes operate in grades 3-6.  

In addition to basic education, the school has two special education classes and three preschool groups. Our school follows the Finnish national basic education curriculum. Our school is a working community of about 400 students and more than 40 adults.  

The school operates in modern, open learning environments where modern pedagogy can be easily implemented. The building functions as a multi-service center for the entire Jynkkä area, in addition to the school, the school is used by the municipal library, sports clubs, a civic college, and various organizations.  

The school's and curriculum's theme: "IT IS A JOY TO LEARN TOGETHER". Every adult in our school is an educator, instructor, and guide. It's important that everyone experiences a joyful and safe school environment.  
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