Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I got an error message: "Your session has timed out. Please login again."

There are several reasons behind that error message. One reason is that you have logged out just a while ago. Other reason is that your computer remembers your last visit. If you clear cookies, it may help or not.
If you can log in to the Moodle, don't worry about the error message, and if you can't log in, send us an email, then it is our problem.

I get forum posts to my email. How to deny them?

When you write something to a forum, Moodle subscribes you to that forum and you get every posts to your email box. You can change it on forum's front page. In the right corner is text "Unsubscribe from this forum". Clicking it and answering to check question will change your settings.

I can't watch videos at all.

Do you have Flash player plugin (at least version 10.0) installed on your web browser?

If you don't, you can download the plugin here

I can't watch videos at all and I got security Warning " Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?""

Because our videos are linked to Moodle, your browser says that they are unsecure content. You can watch videos if you click No button.

Video stops all the time.

Yes, we know that problem but for now there is very little to do. Because of security reasons we aren't able to use buffering.

I can't see player below the video.

Well there can be many reasons behind that problem. One of the easiest solutions is that for some reason your browser is zooming. Make sure that browser is showing sites in normal sze.

For example in Firefox you can find Zooming by choosing View and from there Zoom.

I can' t open PDFs.

There are many reasons why you can't open PDFs. Do you have Adobe Reader software or Adobe Reader plugin? If you don't have it, you can download it from käyttää vain välttämättömiä evästeitä istunnon ylläpitämiseen ja anonyymiin tekniseen tilastointiin. ei koskaan käytä evästeitä markkinointiin tai kerää yksilöityjä tilastoja. Lisää tietoa evästeistä