Session 5 Fundamentals of Teacher Leadership

Session 5 Fundamentals of Teacher Leadership

Session 5, which consists of 6 lectures, starts the sessions deepening the concept of teacher leadership. There are all together 4 sessions that attempt to summarise teacher leadership as presented in Connecting teacher leadership and school improvement by Joe Murphy (2005). The students are advised to read the course book by Murphy (2005) but the four sessions on teacher leadership are constructed so that it is also possible to obtain the information with the help of the sessions. In Lecture 6, Lecturer Risku gives 3 course assignments to the students.

The main focus of this session falls on chapters 1 - 3. You will first learn the key points in each chapter summarised by Lecturer Risku, then the students share their own experiences linked to the contents.

Assignment before the session: Sessions 4-8 are based on Murphy (2005) so the recommendation is to read the book according to the instructions given in connection to the lectures. However, sessions 4-8 summarize Murphy (2005) so concerning the course you manage also without the book. If you do not read Murphy (2005) you are required to read Ngaajieh Nnane (2009) which you can find in the internet.

Murphy, J. (2005). Connecting teacher leadership and school improvement. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. (You are recommended to read the book but sessions 5-8 summarize the book so you can also manage without reading the book.)


Ngaajieh Nnane, R. (2009). An exploration of principals' and teachers' perception of teacher leadership in Finland : the case of four upper secondary schools in Jyväskylä. In

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Assignment after the session: Write into workbook