Course assignment

Course Assignment

After you have gone through all the sessions, done the assignments and received the feedback for the assignments from the teacher do the course assignment.

  • Write an essay with the title My pedagogic leadership
    • Use the MBA template in your essay
    • Include in your essay the following perspectives
      • use both theory and practice
        • when using theory show the sources
    • Determine your role in a concrete way
      • policy maker/superintendent/principal/teacher etc.
    • Define your own national context briefly containing in the definition the
      • goals, challenges, opportunities and obstacles of the education system
    • Describe your own pedagogic leadership
      • Your own definition of pedagogical leadership
        • include shared and teacher leadership in your definition
      • Evaluation of its significance
      • Relationship with learning and curriculum
      • Long and short term goals
      • Action plan to achieve the goals
    • The essay should have 4-5 text pages.
    • The essay will be assessed (0-5) and forms the basis for your course grade.