Addressing a Culture Related Challenge at Work

Choose a cultural "problem” that puzzles you, you are facing or have faced in the past in, or you find otherwise interesting. Preferably the problem is related to work or it can have implications in a work environment. The situation can be fictional or it may come from real life. You may also plan a presentation related to your own cultural context and the challenges that it might produce in an intercultural setting.

Present the "problem”, and explain a situation or a challenge where it might lead. How can the issue be addressed by the leader? What are the stumbling blocks?

Make a presentation, max. 10 minutes. (Please try to keep within the given time limit.)

Your presentation can be a video or an audio recording, a power point presentation, a written text etc. The form is free. Preferably the presentation would include variety of materials (pictures, sound etc.). However, this is not compulsory.

No scientific referencing is required but obviously it can be used when appropriate. Please note however, that you are required to choose and read 3 articles from the supplementary readings list. You can also replace the suggested supplementary readings with other articles if they serve your presentation better. Please also indicate what articles you have read for the presentation.

Please give your feedback for the presentations of others.