ELSS760 From Interpersonal to Intercultural Communication

ELSS760 From Interpersonal to Intercultural Communication

The course ELSS760 deals with aspects of intercultural communication and leadership with a special focus on interpersonal communication. The contents will comprise of issues such as development of relationships within multicultural contexts, stereotypes and other aspects of human behaviour that may affect interpersonal communication relationships in intercultural contexts.

We do acknowledge and recognize the challenge which the method of studies set for learning in this course. Communication cannot truly be learned and understood without practice and interaction, which sometimes is scarce when doing studies online. The participants are therefore expected to be extra active.

There is no written essay or exam to be done. Instead you are expected to contribute to the course content bringing your own ideas and expertise into use.

The course content will partly develop through and with the participants. We hope for active participation and different personal and cultural viewpoints. You are encouraged to suggest additional readings and new kind of assignments according to your experiences both during and after the course.

The course consists of different sessions concerning interpersonal and intercultural communication and their role in the development of intercultural expertise. The course includes lectures, readings, self-reflection, group discussions, and different kind of assignments.

The focus in all the assignment in this course is on practical solutions and aspects of communication.