Gruppe 7

Adrians Bericht:

Das Brandenburger Tor1.jpg

During the trip to Berlin a The Brandenburg Gate was one of items of a programme. It is one of main symbols of the city. Designed by German architect Carl Gotthard Langhans. The Brandenburg Gate was built after 1763. This gate is a symbol of peace and the freedom, a symbol of German Reunification.

The Brandenburg Gate made a tremendous impression on me, it was noticeable colossus and monumentality I think that in the context of tourism should be one of the main points of the tour, because this is a very characteristic build of Berlin, recognizable in all Europ. The image of the Brandenburg Gate is also on a coin (0.50Euro)2.jpg

Wojteks Bericht:

My relation from Hertha Stadium1.jpg

Already when I travelled to Berlin, I knew that I would like to see this stadium. I'm interesting in football, I'm supporter our local team and that is a reason, I write about this. Hertha Berlin Football Club was formed in 1892 as BFC Hertha 92, taking its name from a steamship with a blue and white smokestack sailing on the Wannsee lake.

2.jpgSecond day our trip, I was decided to visit that stadium. When my group were finished our work, I've went to U-Bahn station and go to Olpimpic Stadium. Stadium was built for the aborted 1916 in industrial part of city. The weather was terrible, but that didn't stop me. I've paid for ticket 3 euro and entered to Stadium. It is giants, and has the highest all-seated capacity in Germany at 74,228. Guests Supporter Sector has 12,000 seats. It is very modern too, the roof rises 68 metres over the seats and is made up of transparent panels that allow sunlight to stream in during the day. This is Stadium of whom it is possible to envy.

3.jpgAt the end from me: Pyrotechnik ist kein verbrechen ;)

Jaanas Bericht:


Ich habe Reichstagsbesuch gewählt, weil das Reichstagsgebäude und die Kuppel mir gefallen.

Man hat den Reichstag im Jahre 1894 erbaut. Das Feuer und die Bomben des Zweiten Weltkriegs haben das Gebäude in 1933-1945 zerstört. Im Jahr 1994 wurde das Gebäude renoviert und die Kuppel wurde auf dem Dach gebaut.

Wir haben auf die Zulassung sehr lange gewartet. Nach einer großen Sicherheitskontrolle gibt es eine Reise mit dem Aufzug auf den Dach. Die Kuppel war sehr schön. Berlin bei Nacht ist fantastisch! Die Landschaft war spektakulär! Ich verliebte mich in den Reichstag. Der Reichstagbesuch war ein wunderbares Erlebnis. Ich will das Reichstagsgebäude wieder besuchen.