2. Museum collaboration

Greetings from Museum Group!

Hello Twin Town colleagues!

Forssa, Struer and Södertälje museums started to plan a joint project "Wear and Share. Colourful textile memories" in Södertälje meeting in April 2015. The planning continued in skype meetings later that year. In 2016 the Nordic Culture Point decided to award the project a grant of 20000 EUR.

Our meetings and emails gave birth to a plan for Wear&Share -project for period 010816-300917. The community engaged project strives to increase our understanding on textile heritage and on social engaged museum work.

The project started in Forssa in September 2016, and continues in Södertälje and Struer in 2017.

You can read about the project in Forssa on Vorssammuseo-blog and in Södertälje on Torekällberget's website.

Kati Kivimäki
Forssa Museum

Wear&Share in Forssa

This is what happened in Forssa:

The project coordinator was Tanja Härmä. She started in September, and supervised two media trainees Alina Rämö and Pinja Heinilä to museum work. Their training period took 6 months. They learned about digitizing and photographing museum objects, mainly textile.

One result of Pinja's work was a set of colouring pictures of textile archives:

An important part of project was collecting and sharing memories of Sirosäkki (bag of fabric sold in Factory outlet), in Vorssammuseo -blog, in a printed leaflet and in an exhibition of Sirosäkki products. Tanja Härmä was a key figure in collecting these memories.

The project ended with the seminar about living textile heritage in museums.

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