4. Cultural schools & institutions

Agenda for Group meetings onThursday 17th of September 2015 in Sarpsborg

Group 4 Cultural schools and cultural institutions

Kl. 9.00-12.00

9.00 Brief welcome, introduction and practical orientation of today’s agenda by Gisle Haus

9.30 Espen Holtan,Head of «Ung kultur Østfold « at Østfold kulturutvikling presents «Ung kulturfestival»/ Young festival of Culture

10.15 Short coffee break

10.30 Flere farger/ Multiple Colurs, an introduction, by Gisle Haus and Ingvild Toftner.

11.00 Group discussion

“Collaboration through cultural exchange”. Introduction by Gisle and Camilla

11.45 Summary of the morning program by Gisle

12.00-13.30 Lunch and tour of Sarpsborg Scene

Kl. 13.30-16.00

13.30 Exchange of experience.

Culture schools and culture institutions, in general face certain challenges,

  • How well do the respective culture schools and institutions succeed to offer the classes and other activities they want to give?
  • To what extent do the cultural schools and institutions collaborate with the civil society, other cultural establishments, or other municipalities, to realize the different offers in the respective disciplines?

(Can the cultural schools and institutions be strengthen through a stronger external collaboration)

  • Challenges and benefits.

15.00 Short coffee break

15.15 Debating today’s program and topics good/bad, useful, and the group’s future organization and meeting frequency.

16.00 End of meeting

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