1. Big events and celebrations

Group meeting onThursday 17th of September 2015 in Sarpsborg

Agenda for Group 1 Big events and celebrations

Kl. 9.00-12.00

9.00 Brief welcome by Siri

9.10 Group-welcome, introduction and practical orientation of today’s agenda by Trine

9.20 SarPSborg 1000 year anniversary by Siri, organization, working-groups, youth-involvement, no cash, and modelling

9.45 “No Cash” by Svein A. Halvorsen, Head of the Millennium celebrations, isarpsborg

10.00 Short coffebreak

10.15 Organization of Struers 100 year anniversary, anniversaries in general and the connection to Aarhus 2017 cultural capital in 2017 by Trine

11:00 Sponsorships in public offices and municipalities for big events and celebrations. Concrete examples, contracts and handling by Södertälje by Eduardo.

11.45 Summary of the morning program by Trine

12.00-13.30 Lunch and tour of Sarpsborg Scene

Kl. 13.30-16.00

13.30 Brief introduction to the afternoon program by Trine

13.45 Shared historical roots are a natural focal point for large scale events. Viking history and culture offers a highly recognizable and attractive setting for such events. A large scale event or celebration could benefit from marketing efforts targeted at twin towns.

The group should discuss how to work this task out, how, where, what, whom and how often.

  • Supply the respective twin town with printed material, such as brochures?
  • Digital promotion?
  • Twin town card, a discount voucher of sorts?
  • Other ideas?

15.15. Short coffee break

15.30 Debating today’s program and topics good/bad, useful, and the group’s future organization and meeting frequency.

16.00 End of meeting

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