ForssAndújar - sustainable schools and nature parks (2022-2023)

Andujar April 2023

Airport transfers and Flights 

  • sunnuntaina 16.4.23 klo 18.30 lyseon pihalta.


  • 17.4.2023 Helsinki 06:30 Malaga 10:15 D8 2882 (Norwegian)
  •  22.4.2023 Malaga 15:55 Helsinki 21:30 D8 5122 (Norwegian)

distance from Malaga to Andujar: 237 km



Program: link

Sunday 16th April 2023: to the airport
The bus leaves the school yard at 6:30 p.m. Accommodation at the airport hotel.

Monday 17th April 2023: day of travel
xx.xx Meeting at the hotel
06:30 Flight Helsinki-Málaga (arrival at 10:15 local time) 
Bus to Andújar - Arrival at 14:00: bus will take Finnish students and teachers to the high school and host families will picked them up there when classes finish.
20:00 Welcome dinner (teachers)

Tuesday 18th April 2023: Andújar
8:15: Opening ceremony at IES Jándula. Welcome from Headmistress
8:45: Students start working with their paired students in groups to go on with the work started in Finland to accomplish the second part of the ebook. (classroom 2.11) 
10:00: Breakfast: Churros and chocolate
10:30: Students keep on working with their paired students in groups
12:15: Guided tour
13:30: City Council’s welcome
14:30: Lunch: paella at IES Jándula (students and teachers)
Free time

Wednesday 19th April 2023: Sierra de Andújar Natural Park
8:15: We meet at high school to take the bus.
9:00: Hiking through the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park (from San Ginés to Lugar Nuevo)
13:00: Lunch at Sanctuary (packed lunch by host students for their partners)
15:00: Visit to the Sanctuary
17:00: Return to Andújar
Free time

Thursday 20th April: Sierra de Cazorla Natural Park
8:00: We meet at high school to take the bus
10:00: Route along Borosa River
13:00: Lunch (picnic offered by Spanish students for lunch)
15:00: Visit to “Torre del Vinagre”
17:00: Return to Andújar
Free time

Friday 21th April: Andújar
8:15: Students keep on working with their paired students in groups to go on with the work started in Finland to accomplish the ebook.
9:00: Presentations
10:30: Breakfast
11:30: Visit to the "Lince" Interpretation Centre
14:00: Farewell Lunch (students bring food to share at high school)
Free time for students
20:30: Farewell dinner

Saturday 22th April: journey home

8:00 Bus to Málaga 
15:55 Málaga-Helsinki 21:30 D8 5122 (Norwegian)



Program (pdf)

Group works in Forssa 2022

Timetable Forssa 11th - 17th Sep 2022

ForssAndújar - sustainable schools and nature parks

Forssa Programme Forssa 11th - 17th Sep 2022


====Sunday 11 Sep

  • At 15.25 arrival of the Spanish group in Helsinki-Vantaa
  • Bus to Forssa

====Monday 12 Sep

at 9.00

  • Getting to know each other
  • Getting to know the school 

at 10.30

  • Meeting with the headmaster PhD Simo Veistola 

at 11 Lunch

at 12.00 bus to Torronsuo (National park)

at 15.30 bus leaves to Forssa

====Tuesday 13 Sep

at 9 Working (5 groups)
The aim is to make e-book. Every groups make own articles. 

  1. Group 1: questionnaire about sustainable habits at schools and homes
  2. Group 2: sustaintable schools - comparisions (energy use, circulation, food lost, ...)
  3. Group 3: sustainable at homes - comparisions (energy use, food, travelling, ..)
  4. Group 4: Torronsuo - importance for nature conservation, recreation and tourism (one chapter: Torronsuo as national park from Spanish point of view)
  5. Group 5: Torronsuo: experiences from the day (photos, videos etc.)
11.45 Lunch at school

at 12.30 Team work continues

at 13.15-14.30 Following lessons



====Wednesday 14 Sep

at 8.30 Departure to Turku from the school 

at 10 Free time

at 12.00 Turku Castle (with guide)

at 13.15 Lunch (Juhana Herttuan kellari)

at 14.30 Ruissalo National Park

at 16.30-17 Bus leaves to Forssa


====Thursday 15 Sep

at 9 Working

at 9.45 Working/Following lessons

at 11.15 Lunch

at 11.45 Working/Following lessons

at 14 to Eerikkilä (Sport and Outdoor Resort in Tammela)

- A walk in the forest

- Lounge and sauna in Eerikkilä at 16-20 (take a swimming suit and a towel with you)

At 20 Bus leaves to Forssa


====Friday 16 Sep

at 9.50 Working/Following lessons
Meeting at the jugend-hall

at 11.00 Lunch

at 11.45 Presentations at the school

at 13 Bus leaves to Helsinki (Spanish group)

====Saturday 17 Sep

Return folder for group work

  • Palauta kuva tai muu tiedosto
  • Palauta merkintä
  • Palauta linkki
  • Palauta äänitallenne

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