Bildningsalliansen r.f. 

The association of the Swedish speaking liberal adult education in Finland

Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres KOL 
The first of centre was founded in 1899. 
The association was founded in 1919.

Finnish Folk High School Association 
The first folk high school started to operate in 1889, but the association was founded in 1905.

Association of Study Centres (Opintokeskukset)
The 11 study centres are maintained by educational associations. The association was founded in 2009.

KVS Foundation 
KVS foundation was founded in 1874.

Svenska Folkskolans vänner 
The Swedish Folk School Foundation, was founded in 1882; 

Summer Universities in Finland 
The Association of Summer Universities in Finland is a national body

Association of Physical Education Centres
The association was established in 1991.