Course materials

Course materials

Some Thoughts on Definitions of Innovation by the Editorial Board of The Innovation Journal

Barrett, Balloun & Weinstein. The impact of creativity on performance in non-profits

Binnewies, Ohly, Sonnentag. Taking personal initiative and communicating about ideas: What is important for the creative process and for idea creativity?

Glaser, Snyder, Stevens, Gile, & Young. Collaborative Community-Based Public Education and Neighbourhood Schools: Assessments of Racial Harmony and Issues of Equity.

References for the course assignment:

Promoting transformative innovation in schools A Futurelab handbook

Dibbon & Pollock. The Nature of Change and Innovation in Five Innovative Schools

The Roger Clap Innovation School Plan ‘Connecting Classroom and Community’

Educational Innovations in Developing Countries: Implications and Challenges for Policy Change in Malawi Joseph P.G. Chimombo

Aubert. 2004. Promoting innovation in developing countries: A conceptual framework World Bank Institute