Course Materials

Course Materials

Bolman, L. G., and Deal, T. E., 2008 (or later). Reframing Organizations. Jossey-Bass. A Wiley Company. San Francisco. (B&D below)

Shafriz, J., Ott, J. & Jang, Y., S. 2005 (or later). Classics of Organizational Theory (selected parts); note that is the same book that has been used in other courses, too. (S&O&J below)

The Structural Frame: B&D chapters 1- 5, S&O&J; Articles 5 - 7, 19

The Human Resource Frame: B&D chapters 6 - 8, S&O&J; Articles 15 - 17

The Political Frame: B&D chapters 9 - 11, S&O&J; Articles 29, 33

The Symbolic/Cultural Frame: B&D chapters 12 -14

Suggested supplementary material:

Foster, W. 1986. Paradigms and promises: New approaches to educational administration. Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books.

Rebore, R. W. 2003 A Human Relations Approach to the Practise of Educational leadership. Allyn and bacon.

Selected on-line articles as presented integrated into the lectures.