Workshop 3 - A trip into the unknown - A Brodziszewska, J Burchardt

A trip into the unknown - Anna Brodziszewska, Jarosław Burchardt

The topic of this workshop is "A trip into the unknown". In this workshop we will make a brief trip through history to discover major changes in the relations between students and teachers, healthy learning environment in schools as well as equality of chances of education for both girls and boys. Everybody interested in adventure and funny activities which involve sense of humour and creativity is welcome to our workshop. Multilingual learners will feel comfortable as we can use English, French and Russian. Let's make an unforgettable and enjoyable project together!

A few questions about the trip...


At first, what do you think about this school? Is it similar to your school?
The building is entirely different but the main concept is the same. The equipment and interior are a bit similar but the surroundings are different because of the plants.

Could you tell us a few words about your workshop?
‘A trip into the unknown’ – is a trip into three periods of time – ancient times, medieval times & modern period. We study the chances of boys and girls, and study school environment.

Why history is so important in school?
It teaches us about heritage – culture, architecture, pass events which influenced a particular country.

How do you speak with multicultural students? Is it difficult or easy to you?
It’s easy – the group is amazing and present high level of English, so it’s a pleasure.

What do you think about Comenius project?
It’s a marvellous occasion to meet people, do projects, participate & lead workshops, practise a foreign language, socialise and study different education systems, methods and tools.

Students experiences about the workshop

What do you think about your workshop?
Malwina: I like it very much. Our workshop’s teachers are awesome. They are very kind and funny, and patient of course. I’ve met here incredible students from England, Hungary, Finland and Germany.

How about you?
Maria: I like the fact that our workshop is connected with history. We have learned many interesting facts about systems of education in ancient times and medieval times. And I also love the way how our teachers lead the workshop.

Is history necessary?
Malwina: I think that history is necessary in our life. Because of it we get to know history of our country and ancestors. Then we know that they were fighting for our freedom.

How does your workshop look?
Maria: We were discussing about education systems, our schools and life. It was really interesting to find something new about your peers from another countries. We made some posters and drawings and I think have a lot of fun together. Every country has different culture and customs.

What do you think about England?
Malwina: I’m enjoying this time in England. I’m improving my language skills. My host is very nice and she has shown me the most beautiful places in Liverpool and West Kirby. I love also the architecture of this Grammar School. It is unforgettable time, here.

Ewa and Cintia