Projekttreffen England 17.-22.1. 2014



The West Kirby took place from 17th to 22nd January 2014, with some participants having arrived on 16th. We welcomed representatives from our partner schools to West Kirby Grammar School to showing them what our school and the local area has to offer.

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Freitag 17.1.2014

08.50 Hungarian partners in school. To attend registration/lessons
09.10 German flight arrives Manchester Airport
10.45 ETA West Kirby Grammar School. Partners to collect. After Break, partners attend lessons.
12:45 Lunch (with partners)
13.35 Polish flight arrives at Liverpool Airport
15.00 ETA West Kirby Grammar School. Partner to collect at 15.30 or earlier if free.
15.40 Students return with partners
16.50 Finnish flight arrives at Manchester Airport
18.15 ETA West Kirby Grammar School. Partners to collect

Samstag 18.1.2014

09.30 Welcome (Main Hall)
10.15 Workshops
12.30 Lunch (Dining Room)
13.15 Workshops
15.30 End of day. Partners return home with hosts

Montag 20.1.2014

09.00 Visitors meet in Dining Room with accompanying hosts
09.36 Train to Hamilton Square
10.20 Ferry to Liverpool. Remainder of day spent in Liverpool
17.30 Return to school

Dienstag 21.1.2014

08.50 Registration
09.10 Workshops
12.15 Lunch
13.00 Workshops
14.00 Presentation of Workshops (Hall)
15.40 Free time
19.00 Evening celebration (Dining Room)
20.00 Disco (Main Hall)
22.00 End of day. Return home with partners.

Mittwoch 22.1.2014

07.45 Finland and Germany depart WKGS (CASS Coaches). Hungaran group (R and J)
14.00 Polish group departs