Workshop 1 - Wellbeing, Drama - L Dowie

Wellbeing, Drama

Students will explore the theme of "Wellbeing" using a variety of dramatic techniques. They will present their final thoughts in a short performance.


Interview with Miss Dowie!


What do you think is the purpose of this workshop?

We are using drama to explore, we are actually putting together a film.
The film is going to explore Wellbeing, understanding what Wellbeing is,what makes people happy and how you can improve your own Wellbeing. So, people have really focused in on what happiness is, and what individuals find to improve their quality of life and makes them most happy.

Do you think happiness is important is schools to keep up morale?

Absolutely! I think students work hard and enjoy their work if they are happy. I think also schools could maybe look at how they could improve student’s happiness. We have been looking whether people feel happier outside of school or whether it is inside of school. Also times when people can meet, get together and do social activities, or even just be in the common room is where we found students are their happiest. We have also looked at whether there is opportunities for their learning environments to change and if a classroom

and the interior design in a classroom or the way a classroom can be arranged have an effect. When you look at the sixth form common room, it is very different furniture so it has a very different attitude and a comfortable atmosphere. I think that can improve self-Wellbeing.

What have you being talking about in the workshop?

People have been talking in the workshop about self-esteem, the importance of family, love and relationships. It is a very big topic to explore and what we are trying to do is get individual opinions about it.

What did you think of your workshop?!


  • I like it, it's very good!
    -Kuba, Poland
  • It was a great time!
    -Olek, Poland
  • This is so fun and awesome!
    -Vilma, Finland

  • I like it, this is very nice and good time
    for me!
    -Susanna, Finland

Our opinion of the workshop - now in Finnish

Meidan workshopissa oli todella kivaa. Me teimme juttua hyvinvoinnista. Me haastattelimme ihmisia, ja kysyimme heilta mita on hyvinvointi, mista he tulevat iloiseksi ja miten he reagoivat kun he ovat hyvin iloisia.
Meidan ryhma oli mukava. Tama kokemus oli todella mahtava, ja se sai meidat ajattelemaan myos omaa hyvinvointiamme. Meidan mielesta hyvinvointi on sita, etta on onnellinen ja iloinen elamaan.
Valilla on ollut vaikea ymmartaa, etta mita toinen sanoo, mutta olemme kuitenkin parjanneet suht’koht hyvin.
Tama koulu on todella iso, meidan kouluumme verrattuna, ja tanne olisi todella kiva jääda, mutta valitettavasti lähtö kutsuu..