Workshop 2 - School Meals - L Cambourne-Paynter

Just some questions about school meals...


What is the purpose of the cooking workshop?
We did our workshop around school meals because nutrition
is important for children’s Wellbeing so we investigated the
school meals across Europe. We looked at what the students
could get out of school and what they could get in school and
then compared the nutritional quality of the food. The pupils came
to the conclusion that if they are educated about what is on offer
then they can make an informed choice at the counter, because
sometimes they do not know all the options that are available.

Have you discussed the importance of having multi-cultural aspects to school meals?
Yep! Lots of countries have different foods within their cultures
and British culture and British food has embraced a number
of those products such as pizza, macaroni and things like that.
That is why we are doing some of the products from our school
meals menu in a kind of healthy version.

You're awesome
I know.

School Meals

Nutrition is very important for everyone, but it is especially important for children because it is directly linked to all aspects of their growth and development. Proper nutrition enables them to concentrate, learn and play at school.

For many children school lunch is the main meal of the day. It is important that school lunches contain sufficient energy and nutrients to promote good nutritional health.

In the workshop we will be looking at how school meals are provided in different countries. We will also be looking at how our school integrates the Government's guidelines for meal provision to provide a range of nutritionally balanced dishes from which the pupils can choose