Migration - Challenge, Change and Chance

Erasmus+ -project: Migration - Challenge, Change and Chance

Our main objectives are:
- to improve tolerance and openness towards migration and migrants in school and society
- to improve multicultural competence of students and teachers
- to strive for a systematical survey and evaluation of the actual state of the attitudes of the students at our schools
- to improve the social competence between students with and without migration status
- to realize the role of history and meaning of migration in the own cultural sphere
- to create a space of experience, where students find the understanding of cultural differences and backgrounds as an enrichment

Other goals are:
- to strengthen the autonomy of the students
- to strengthen the language competence with the help of bilingual elements
- to expande the co-operation with extracurricular institutions, such as local NGO's
- to promote the co-operation between schools within the European context in terms of divers political opinions

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