School year 2018-19

Rooma 2018

Ryhmä Raahen lukion oppilaita vieraili Roomassa 5. - 10.12.2018. Opintoretki oli osa lukion historian opintoja ja Roomassahan historiallisia nähtävyyksiä riitti. Tutustuimme niin antiikin, renessanssin, barokin ja modernimmankin kulttuurin piirteisiin.









Forum Romanum.

Escort to Pantheon.

Inside Pantheon.

Exchange student Lisa´s letter

Hallo, mein Name ist Lisa Schulze. Ich bin sechzehn Jahre alt und komme aus Deutschland. Ich wohne mit meinen Eltern, meinem älteren Bruder und zwei Katzen in der Nähe von Berlin.

On the 12th of August I came to Raahe. Thanks to my exchange organization Rotary and my first host family, I had a very easy start in the city and also at school. Before I had my first day of school, I could first get acquainted with the city. I live in the vicinity of two very large cities, so I had a queasy feeling when I first saw Raahe. On my first day at school, I met Finnish teenagers for the first time. Before I came to Finland, I was told that the Finns do not like small talk and generally react distantly to strangers. This statement has been able to refute immediately. I was immediately approached by many students. I have to say that in this situation I was the one who was a bit unable to cope.

In general, students and teachers were equally helpful and talkative. I also like the fact that the food is free at school. You can also go to the cafeteria every break and get a snack. The school in Raahe is like the dream school I had always imagined. A lot of freedom in determining your own subjects, free school meals, nice students. I think I've never really liked going to school until now.

To the city itself, I had to give it a moment. It is very dependent on the bike and even if you want to go the next larger city Oulu, you should rather look for someone with a car. The advantage of a smaller city is definitely that you always know somebody somewhere. In addition, Raahe has a beautiful old town and many events on the water. After my year abroad, I will definitely come back. Not only to visit my host families and friends, but also to simply enjoy the peace and quiet in this beautiful city.

Aikansa kutakin. All in its proper time.