Course assignment

Course assignment

After you have gone through all the sessions, done the assignments and reflections, it is time to write the Final Assignment which is an essay with a title My pedagogical leadership. There should be two parts in your writing:

1. Theoretical analysis of pedagogical leadership in connection with

- education as leadership and the paradigm shift

- leadership theories emphasizing curriculum, teaching and learning

- leadership as resource (distributed leadership)

- curriculum as a leadership tool

2. Personal development plan as a pedagogical leader using broad pedagogical theory

- describe Your role in a concrete way (policymaker/ superintendent/ pricipal/ teacher/ consultant etc.)

- define Your national, local, and personal context briefly containing goals, challenges, system, opportunities and obstacles

- make Your own development plan as a pedagogical leader including long and short term goals, and action plan to achieve the goals

Use IEL template when writing the paper. Include in your examination both theory and practice. The essay should have 6-8 pages. More information and FAQ can be found from S7_L7 slides.