Final Assignment

Final Assignment

Choose one of the following 2 topics:

A) Leadership paradigms in practice

Describe briefly a leadership situation. It can be your own or a situation which you have experienced close by. Analyze and discuss, what leadership theories can you perceive? How are they evident?

B) Gender and leadership

Analyze and discuss the situation of gender and leadership in your own organization or field. How does the situation relate to the general situation in your field and country? What can or should be done?

Prepare either an essay (approx. 5 pages) or a short presentation (maximum 10 minutes). The presentation can be a video lecture or a slide show. Note that unlike the essays, the presentations are returned to the material bank.

If applicable you may also prepare an action plan about developing the situation in your own workplace and / or field.


There are 2 alternatives for the course assignment. You are expected to do either the written assignment or the presentation.