Allgmeines über die Tage in Finnland

Which nation do you belong? 10 things-list

1) Complain about the weather
2) Drink tea
3) Don't bother learning another language because everyone speaks english
4) Eat scones and crumpets
5) Become a football hooligan
6) Go to the pub every day
7) Worship the royal family
8) Swear all the time
9) Beat your children
10) Pay for private education

1) Dress seriously
2) Put your house shoes on
3) Planning your Poo
4) Drink Weißbier
5) Eat Sauerkraut
6) Have mixed feelings about Berlin
7) Hate Bavaria
8) Watch Tatort
9) Love your car
10) Eat Leberwurt

1) Drinking alcohol.
2) Drinking coffee
3) Sauna, naked.
4) Be depressed and hate neighbouring countries
5) Be afraid of talking to strangers
6) Makkara
7) Live in the forest
8) Survive in the total darkness and coldness
9) Kill animals with bare hands
10) Very low self-esteem