Workshop 4 Wohlbefinden/Gesundes Lernklima/ Alex Duffey


On Saturday morning we were introduced to our group, this was a mixture of English, Finnish and German students; we then discussed how we feel when we are creative.
Secondly, we decided who we were going to work with; we mixed the nationalities, because we wanted to know each other a bit better. Our task was to create a moodboard, which would help to break down barriers and provide a source of inspiration to the group. We looked at some pictures in the magazines and selected some that we liked and cut them out. We started to put the pictures on the mood board.
When we finished we talked about how we felt about our work, this would help us to write the questionnaire later and get our create minds engaged.
Later Mrs Duffey explained what we were supposed to do. We should create a bag in groups of two or three people, using old Denim fabric. In groups we designed our bags and began to make them, using the sewing machine.


Dear diary, our day started at 9.00 am. We were very tired, because it was SUNDAY and yesterday we were in musical. In the morning we continued sewing our bags, by doing pockets and attaching handles and doing details. It was interesting to make something creative again, because we hadn’t done anything for a while. Then we ate. The food was good. There were salmon and potatoes and dessert (chocolate mousse) :3<3 After the lunch we made our questions. Then we danced and listened to the music (what was really good) and did funny things like drawing and stuff. Then we went to the auditorium. Teachers told us about what is going to happen on Monday and they gave us homework. We had to think some game we play in our country. Oh yeah! After that we ran to the hills, meaning we were FREE. We had hilarious day.c:

Good night and have a nice tomorrow<3

Created by- Vilma, Maria and Kaisa.

Workshop: Gesundes Lernklima / Alex Duffey

How does creativity within a balanced curriculum impact on your health and sense of well-being?
In this workshop you will form part of a team to design and make a textile product. When complete, the product will be exhibited and we will explore how this makes us feel. Discussions will include display work, how a balance is achieved across the curriculum and how much importance is placed upon creativity and well-being within the school environment.

Inwiefern beeinflusst Kreativität in einem ausgewogenen Lernprogramm unsere Gesundheit und unser Wohlbefinden?

In diesem Workshop wirst du ein Teil eines Teams sein, das ein Objekt aus Stoff herstellt. Das fertige Objekt wird ausgestellt werden und wir werden festhalten, welchen Einfluss das Objekt auf uns hat (Ideen, Gefühle, Gedanken). Wir werden die Ausstellungsstücke diskutieren, wie ein ausgewogenes Lernporgramm innerhalb einer Schule hergestellt wird, wie wichtig Kreativität und Wohlbefinden in der Schule sind.