NEW!!! Summer school 2020 - Career Guidance for Social Justice

Exchange/mobility funding for the summer school

VALA students (Career counseling and guidance programs at higher education institution in the Nordic and Baltic countries) can apply for mobility grant and participation for the next Career Guidance for Social Justice Summer School. Application deadline for mobility funding to the summer school is March 1st 2020.

Travel rates to Norway:
From Greenland 1,300 Euro;
From Faroe Islands 660 and Iceland 550 Euro.
From Sweden 250 Euro.
From Denmark 300 Euro.
From Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania 330 Euro. 
Additional 150 Euros for domestic travel (within Norway)

Accommodation/board rates for students:
Per day 20 Euros; Per week 70 Euros

You will receive notice of our decision on your applicaton by first week of April 2020.

Career Guidance for Social Justice

Join our Summer School and broaden your knowledge and skills on social justice and career guidance.
  • What: Intensive course
  • When: August 17th - 21st, 2020
  • Level: Bachelor/Master
  • Host: Inland Norway Universty of Applied Sciences
  • Credit points: 5 ECTS
VALA has received student express mobility funding and will support the travel of students outside Norway to attend the in house session.

By the end of this summer school participants will have explored...

How do our careers interact with notions of wealth, power, politics and justice?
How can career guidance contribute to social justice?
Can you help people in practical ways, whilst also supporting them to struggling for a more just world?
What practices, models and theories can be used to support emancipatory forms of career guidance?
How will digitalisation and digital social media affect, contribute or challenge guidance for social justice?

We look forward to meeting you in Lillehammer!