Teacher mobility

Guidelines for VALA nordplus teacher mobility

Teacher mobility - new funding period until October 2018

Teachers of any nationality employed at HEIs in the participating countries may be awarded a Nordplus grant for exchanges in another Nordic or Baltic country. The exchange can include teaching, tutoring, development of teaching materials etc. It is also possible to use these grants for activities connected to work placements and collaboration with the labour market.

The minimum duration of the teacher exchange is 8 teaching/working hours.

The following rules apply to Nordplus teacher mobility grants:

• Confirmation of grant award shall be signed before payment is made (as per appendix)
• A final report on the exchange shall be submitted by the teacher after the exchange has been completed

2. The visiting teacher applies for the mobility grant and fills out the relevant form (Vala mobility 2013) and sends to sif@hi.is. Please ask for confirmation by email.

a. Please note the amount is set for the mobility project in the Nordplus handbook (page 27).
• Maximum Travel rates
To and from Greenland 1,300 Euro
To and from the Faroe Islands and Iceland 660 Euro
Between Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway,Sweden and Åland 330Euro

• Accommodation/board rates:
Per day Per week Per month
Teachers 70 Euro 355 Euro 1,065 Euro

3. After the application (see form in left) is sent the grant will be transferred from the University of Iceland.

4. Please send the final report on the exchange after the visit to sif@hi.is. You need to submit the short report on our website where you registered your original idea in the form below. Please note that the reports are open on the web-site.

5. Please contact us if you need further assistance or help.

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