ICT in guidance and counselling Summer school 2020

Exchange/mobility funding for the ICT in guidance summer school

VALA students (Career counseling and guidance programs at higher education institution in the Nordic and Baltic countries) can apply for mobility grant and participation for the next International Summer School on use of ICT in guidance and counselling. Application deadline for mobility funding to the summer school is 1st of March.

Travel rates to Finland:
From Greenland 1,300 Euro;
From Faroe Islands 660 and Iceland 550 Euro.
From Norway, Sweden 330 Euro.
From Denmark 300;
From Latvia, Lithuania 250,
From Estonia 150 Euro
Additional 150 Euros for domestic travel (within Finland)

Accommodation/board rates for students:
Per day 20 Euros; Per week 70 Euros

You will receive notice of our decision on your applicaton by first week of April.

Information and Communication Technology in Guidance and Counselling

You´re invited to join us in the 5th International Summer School. Through this 5 ECTS course you can broaden and deepen your knowledge and skills in how to use ICT in guidance and counselling. The main aim is to help you to become aware of the variation in ways technology plays in career service field.

  • What: Intensive course
  • When: August 10th - 14th, 2020
  • Level: Bachelor/Master
  • Host: University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Credit points: 5 ECTS
VALA has received student express mobility funding and will support the travel of ten students outside Finland to attend the in house session.

Participants will...

...understand and explore unique opportunities and challenges presented by the use of existing and emerging technologies in guidance.
...increase their competency for ICT in guidance and are able to utilize it in their practice within their scope of comfort and competence.
...meet and work with students from Nordic and Baltic countries.
...share experiences in an interdisciplinary and creative atmosphere.
...study in the fascinating environment of the University of Jyvaskylä

Summer School programme (5 ECT)

The programme consists of:
  • Orientation task in beginnig of the August (week 31 and 32) (1ECT)
  • Intensive course week in August in Jyväskylä, Finland (week 33) (3ECTS)
    - Contact sessions are held Monday throught Friday from 9 to 17
  • Summary and reflection (1ECT)
    - Post course assignment to be handed in by September 30th (week 39)

Modes of study: Lectures, workshops, online tasks, group discussions, readings and self-reflection.
Completion modes: Active participation and contribution to studies, course assignments, self-reflecting report.
Grading Scale: 0-5, 5 ECTS equals 135 hours of work.
Evaluation of course at degree programme Consult with staff at your home programme if the course is evaluated and accredited as a part of your studies.

We look forward to meeting you in Jyväskylä!

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