Implementing a new e-book

  1. Fill in the contact form – you will receive an e-mail when your book is ready to use. The e-mail will also contain instructions for creating a Peda.net account.
  2. The e-mail also contains a link to the learning material and step-by-step instructions for students. Share the instructions contained in the e-mail with your students (e.g. through the school’s student administration platform or e-mail), so that they can also access the book.
  3. You can begin using your new book in class.

The functions of a Peda.net e-book

Peda.net e-books contain various functions and tools that help you to customize your teaching experience:

  • Peda.net e-books are modifiable by the teacher. The teacher can customize the book to fill the specific needs of their students by editing and adding pages and modules.
  • The teacher can hide specific pages and modules from the students.
  • The teacher can follow the progress of their students via the learning tracking tool.
  • The teacher can examine, edit and add exercises to the book.
  • The teacher can use the book to evaluate their students.
  • The teacher can create submission folders, which can be used by the students to return various kinds of submissions, such as homework assignments, essays, presentations and images.

Student evaluation tools

The learning tracking tool can be used to evaluate the exercises and assignments submitted by the students. The students can see these evaluations by clicking the ”View evaluations” button.

You can use Peda.net’s evaluation tools to add grades and/or verbal evaluations of the students’ work. You can access the evaluation tools

a) via the book’s exercises:
  1. Open an exercise by clicking on it.
  2. Click on the “Responses” button and click on the student’s name to open their response to the exercise in question.
  3. At the end of each exercise, you can find a button that reads "Add an evaluation". Click on it to open the evaluation tool.
  4. Write the evaluation in the text fields given in the evaluation tool and click ”Save”.
b) via the learning tracking tool:
  1. Open the learning tracking tool from the book’s front page.
  2. Click on the ”Task view” button.
  3. Click on an individual exercise to open all responses given by the students.
  4. Add an evaluation by clicking on the link next to the student’s name.

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