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Mäntynummi Comprehensive School

Mäntynummi Comprehensive School is located in Lohja, a town 60 km from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. There are about 40,000 inhabitants in Lohja. The school building has three two-storey sections. There is a new library in our school building. A new sports hall was built in 2011.

There are 9 grades and a preschool in our school. The students are aged between 6-16 years. Currently 440 students and 45 teachers work here. In addition, there are also other staff members. The schooldays last from three to seven hours, depending on which grade one is in. The lunch is free for everyone. The length of the lessons is 45 minutes. The breaks last for 15 minutes and the lunch breaks are thirty minutes long. We have the opportunity to study three languages. Swedish and English are core subjects and German is an optional subject. In lower secondary school pupils can choose three optional subjects.

Everything related to attending school is free. We don't have school uniforms. A free ride to school is offered if a pupil lives over 5 kilometers away from the school. Altogether the school year is 187 days. We have five holidays that last between 4 days and two and a half months.

There are many good things in Mäntynummi Comprehensive School. A great fact is that everything here - from the school lunch to the books - is free. Our school grounds are nice and clean - thanks to the cleaners. The teachers are competent and there are many options when it comes to optional subjects.

Overall our school is a great place to study.

Maiju, Roosa, Iida, Julia (Speaking and Writing English 2013-2014)

Erasmus+ project

One of our aims in the school is to teach our pupils ways to communicate with people from other nationalities and cultures and to improve their language skills.

During the school years 2015-16 and 2017-18 our school participated in an international Erasmus+ project with Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Schule from Berlin, Germany and Mehmet Özcan Torunoglu Ortaokulu from Ankara, Turkey. The theme of the project was Water - the source of our lives.

One the one hand we wanted our pupils to learn about water, the way of water usage and the importance of clean water for our lives. Life on earth depends on water. Water is not only used as drinking water, for sanitary purposes and for leisure time activities but also for industrial production of all kinds of goods. Clean water is a limited resource.

On the other hand our aim was to teach our pupils more about the different countries, to improve the English language as a common language of all pupils and to give the chance to learn to respect different ways of living and handling things. All pupils were given the chance to participate in the project by various school activities and the possibility of transnational learning activities. Our school had activities during the school year in different subjects like Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, German, English, Finnish, Physical Education and Art.

More information about our project on our online magazine.

The project was funded by the European Commision. The Commission accepts no responsibility for the contents of the publication. CIMO is the national agency for the European Union's education and youth programmes.

We're about to apply for another grant from EU for a new, future occupations and skills -themed Erasmus+ project, which would begin in September 2019. In the project we will cooperate with a school from Estonia, Spain and Italy.