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The City of Kotka continues the English Line program, if enough pupils sign up for the first grade (minimum of 18 students).

The English Line program is primarily for local pupils from Kotka. Pupils from other municipalities can also be accepted. The pupil’s guardians are responsible for school transportation. The program is open to pupils interested in studying in Finnish and English however English skills are not required from applicants. Native English speakers’ applications are considered separately/ tested during an interview.

The application should be submitted by 3.00 p.m. on the 13th of February 2020 at the latest. The pupil´s parents/guardians are responsible for submitting the application form by email to opetustoimi@kotka.fi or by post: Kotkan kaupunki, Lasten ja nuorten palvelut, Head of Local Education Department Mr. Jukka Tanska, PL 257, 48101 Kotka, Finland



The English Line program for first graders - information and application 2020

The bilingual program

is an asset: it prepares pupils for a globalized world & enriches their social world and mind.