Workshop 4 Equality - Gleichberechtigung L McCabe


Es ist wichtig, dass jeder in der Schule von den anderen gleich behandelt wird. In diesem Workshop werden wir die Erfahrungen der Comeniusler/innen besprechen und dabei hoffen wir, ein grösseres Gefühl der Gleichberechtigung in der Schule fördern zu können. Die Gruppe wird die beste Methode finden, die Vorschläge zu präsentieren, aber es ist natürlich wichtig, dass jeder Teilnehmer als ebenbürtig behandelt wird!!


It is important that everybody feels that are treated equally by others in school. In the workshop we will explore the findings of those who have taken part in Comenius visits and see how we can use them to create a greater sense of equality in school. The group will decide on the most effective way to present this but each member of the group will take an equal role!



Workshop 4 is about equality. The group has e.g. been discussing about stereotypes and different kinds of labeling of people. They have for example wondered if some sports really should be just for men, and some just for women. The group has also discussed of discrimination. The leader of Workshop 4, Laura McCabe from England (in the right edge of the picture above) said that the purpose of the Workshop is e.g. to show the students that everyone has some kinds of stereotypes, and by that diminish labeling, stereotyping and discrimination.

The leader of Workshop 4

The leader of Workshop 4 was so kind that she had time to answer a few guestions:

What's your name?
"Laura McCabe"

Where do you come from?
"Well I work in England, but I'm actually Irish."

What do think is the best with the Comenius-project?
"The students have had a great opportunity to explore different cultures, and also to notice that there's actually quite a lot of similarities between different cultures and people from different countries, so they actually aren't so different after all."