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The Sapere method was developed by the French chemist and ethnologist Jacques Puisais. The Latin word "sapere" means to taste, feel and be brave. Sapere is based on sensory practice and it emphasises learning through experiences and study.
In Sapere method children learn new things about food using the senses of smell, taste, touch, vision and hearing. Sapere method emphasises supporting and listening to the child's own expression.
Sapere method is implemented currently on a number of European countries to improve the nutrition of children. Sapere International -association operates in Belgium, Brussels. In Finland, Sapere-project is be coordinated from Jyväskylä and administrated by Central Finland Health Care District.

Sapere material
International Non-Profit Association (I.N.P.A.) based in Brussels, SAPERE works for several years to improve the health and well-being through Taste education in Europe.

Sapere Tool Book
The handbook, produced by Sitra’s Food and Nutrition Programme ERA, is based on the French Sapere method where children learn about the world of food in a diverse way using all their senses by taking part themselves and assessing their own experiences with food.

Child oriented Catering
"Child Oriented Catering" is a project funded by the European Communities Leonardo da Vinci Programme for 2 years, between October 2006 and September 2008. The website includes material and information about the project.
Child oriented catering


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